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                                                High Definition Hairline

       We can provide a fully professional maintenance program that can also

             include suppling quality new Hair Systems at an affordable price.


       maybe you simply only wish to use our Re-Groom Service?...No Problem!!

          "Unlike some Companies we will service your Hair System even if another  

         company supplied it. There is no obligation to buy a Hair System from us!!"   

    You can use any of our services as much as you like or as little as you need.

       **...No Contracts!!...No Commitments!!...Your In Control of the Service...**

     Fully qualified, experienced and trained in every aspect of Hair Replacement

         We are based in BRISTOL but can accept clients from all over the World.

Hair Replacement Cardiff, Hair Replacement London, Hair Replacement Birmingham, Hair Replacement South West, Hair Replacement Sheffield, Hair Replacement Reading.

                                  Hair Ready To Wear / Self Maintenance Service:

We now offer our new 'Hair Ready to Wear' service. This really allows you to take control of your hair replacement lifestyle.

Watch my videos on U TubeYour new hair systems can be cut and styled perfectly by us, from either your old systems or even pictures. We will then send your new system to you 'ready to wear' with full guidance on how to attach/remove/clean and how to trim your existing hair. Its not rocket science anyone can do it. 

If you would like to know more about self maintenance and have the confidence to do it yourself? Then we will gladly help you by supplying all the product information, and share with you tips/tricks from the experts. (At no extra cost). Our new services will save you £500-600 per year in maintenance appointments, as well as give you the freedom you want in todays busy lifestyles.

                              Skype/Yahoo Messenger Consultations Now Available:

Add me @ Michael g fordAnother new service we offer is our free  'Skype or Yahoo Messenger consultations'. With distance/travel and todays busy lifestyles being a big issue, you can now make an appointment and speak online 'live' with our experienced hair wearer stylist 'Mike' who can explain and demonstrate every aspect of hair replacement. Mike will show you his own hair up close, show you sample systems, explain all the various attachment methods and answer questions you have. All from the comfort of your home

add me on messenger ..the_hr_stylistMy Skype name is...Michael g ford... Simply add me on Skype or add... the_hr_stylist to your Yahoo Messenger contacts to arrange your free online consultation. Contact me  

Visit our client Gallery (just click on the pics)        Client fitting Gallery


We can also carry out repairs to old systems that are worn/damaged and need hair added. Simply send us your systems via recorded delivery and we can do the rest. Repairs take 8-10 weeks to complete.   Prices  If you also only require a small odd sized / shaped lace piece then We can provide off cuts in an emergency at any hair length requirement.   


    I Can...

                                                                    Contact Me

I have been a Hair System Wearer for over 10 years and have Full knowledge and expertise in the Hair Replacement Industry, having worked in the sector as a Stylist and Consultant. (About Me) As well as providing maintenance for Hair System Wearers, I can also provide the Latest Innovative Hair Systems available in the world today...at Low Cost....HOW!!!?    (I hear you scream)

The Simple Answer....Because I don't pay Celebrities like international Cricketer's large advertising fees and I don't run expensive Salons with huge overheads. My Saving is passed directly onto my clients...So they can enjoy Low Cost Hair Replacement. The way it should be!

Euro Hair SystemI'm totally obsessed about hair and my job as your stylist is not finished until your next appointment. I make myself available anytime, out of hours, on call to service your hair.  I'm probably more obsessed about your hair than you'll be. (and that's a fact).

         "Perfection is the difference between being a great stylist and an average one."

           "Its always a good idea to have your Hair System fitted and maintained by a                                    Stylist that also wears a Hair System themselves"

Colour ring tool used to match shades and determine highlight or grey % The majority of hair stylists in the Hair Replacement Industry are trained as women hairdressers and actually have to adapt to Hair Replacement styling. I have trained specifically to become A Hair Replacement Stylist. Cutting and blending in a Hair System is an art. Years ago I used to visit a well known Hair Replacement company. I had my hair systems cut in by the stylist but then after 3 weeks, I had to wear a cap constantly until my next appointment. Or, I used to trim it myself using mirrors and clippers. (Sound familiar?) After 2/3 weeks your natural growing hair will outgrow your System cut (Thats obvious, I know). But when i cut a Hair System in, of course it will look blended and great on the day of your appointment. But after 4 weeks, it will still look blended! and you will not need a cap! This is because I know the precise cut and length your system needs to be in order to remain looking naturally blended, even after 4 weeks! 

NO Contracts / Commitments or Hidden CostsThere are also NO Contracts Commitments / Agreements or whatever you want to call them. Quite simply you can use my Services as much or as little as you wish. (Contact Me)

Mono/Mesh base, 40% greyFull Lace base

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