About Me, My Story…

My name is Mike, I have been involved in the Hair Replacement industry for over 20 years. I began like everyone else…a client!. I starting losing my hair in my early 20’s and before my hairline receded too much, I decided I wanted to do something about it. I chose Hair Replacement because for me transplants were not possible as I have very light density hair around the sides and back of my head. Many careers are born through having a personal vested interest in something and so becoming a Stylist in Hair Replacement was an obvious and easy transition for me.

I’m a very creative individual and I’m fully trained and qualified in all aspects of Hair Replacement procedures, from performing simple refusions and clean-ups, to ordering  and fitting / cutting-in Hair Systems. I was trained in barbering at Filton College and then at the National beauty institute in Leicester. Where I took an advanced course in razor work…tailored for specifically cutting-in Toupee’s and Hair Systems.

Why should you try my service? …

I believe the best stylists in this industry are the people who have first hand experience of wearing a Hair System themselves. I have a lot of personal experience in being a hair wearer and i have picked up and devised many styling tips and tricks over the years, that I can pass on to my clients. This is something that a ‘non-wearer’ stylist lacks! I am a complete perfectionist! which is a good thing in this business!

     “Perfection is the difference between being a great stylist and an average one.”

I’m totally obsessed about hair and my job as your stylist is not finished until your next appointment. I make myself available anytime, out of hours, on call to service your hair. I’m probably more obsessed about your hair than you’ll be. (and that’s a fact).

I have a complete vested interest in making your hair look good. After all, this is my business, I’m passionate that my clients are happy, otherwise I won’t have a business! If my clients are happy and look good then my business looks good.

So you can feel completely confident in my hands and know you will receive the best Hair Replacement service from me at an affordable cost…Why pay more?

      “Its always a good idea to have your Hair System fitted and maintained by a Stylist that also wears a Hair System themselves”

“My personal experiences and personal interest have lead me into the industry. I’m passionate and obsessive about hair.”

The hair used in my system is 100% European Human Hair, with a full lace Base. You can see the quality of the Systems I provide, before you order your Hair System from me.

The images below show just how natural the Full Lace base looks when the hair is parted. The knots are bleached so the hair appears to be growing directly out of the scalp.

Graduated Lace front hairline

(Image taken with simple digital camera with no clever editing.)