What Base Design is Best?

All Lace Base

Advantages: Great hairline, best view on scalp all over, 100% breathable, Best for comfort.

Disadvantages: harder to clean, More seepage,

All Poly Skin Base…

Advantages: Easy to clean, No Seepage.

Disadvantages: poor hairline appearance, Not breathable

Combination Lace Front / Poly Middle

Advantages: Great hairline, seepage reduced, 80% easier to clean than all lace

Disadvantages: Lace/poly join can be more visable (lighter densities), Less breathable (main base)

All Lace with poly perimeter

Advantages: Great hairline, great crown appearance, easier to clean perimeter

Disadvantages: Harder to clean, more seepage poly join more visable on lighter hair densities

Ok… so to simplify things, There are two main base materials to choose from Poly or Lace (In reality there are several thicknesses of poly and several different mesh formations for Lace) However lets concentrate on the 2 most popular and why some favour one over the other and why some like a combination of both. Lets look at the advantages and disadvantages…